In the beginning


All stories have a beginning a middle and an end. It feels good to say that this, is the beginning of that story. Seeing as this is all about how I am [slowly] becoming Mrs. Strong, I believe the story of how we met and how he proposed is in order. So settle on down while I take you back a few years to California…

It was in May 2009 when I first met him.

It was the last week of May in Anaheim, California during the annual Foursquare Convention. I was in a discipleship program called Ignite, based in Southern California, and he was in a discipleship program called Anthem, based near Seattle, Washington. Ignite and Anthem were both serving at convention, it was Ignite’s first time there, as the program had begun in January that year. A few days in to convention, a group of Ignite and Anthem students were pulled together to be split up into two’s to host workshop rooms. As hosts, we were to scan name tags for people as they joined the workshop and assist the speaker in any way that was needed. So getting back to the story, we were split up in to pairs and sent off with scanners to our workshop for the next hour. It so happened that the person that I was paired up with was the same guy that early that week my friend Jessica had pointed out as someone who looked like someone in a particular movie. Anytime we saw him early in the week we’d mention it to each other, but (since we didn’t know his real name) we called him by the characters name (real mature I know). Anyways, he and I were paired off for the workshop, and for a long time I had to restrain myself from laughing. Not because of him, but because of the character who Jessica and I had thought he looked similar to, it was that reminder which made me try not to laugh. Once we had done all we needed to do for our host and checked in all that were coming, he and I sat outside the room and for the next hour just talked. We talked and talked and talked until the doors of the room had opened and all the people came out, letting us know that the workshop was now done and that the hour had past. It was now lunch and we had to part ways because we had different schedules for the rest of convention.

It was about a day before I saw him again. This time my friend Kim and I were sitting outside the convention center, when he was walking by to the hotel next door for another workshop. Once he saw me he came over and we started talking again, he told me that he had a note for me, a word he got a few days ago but hadn’t seen me so that he could give it to me. So he went back inside, got it and gave it to me, and then he left for the workshop. That was the last that I saw of him at convention.

About a month later we found each other on Facebook, we started writing each other messages – continuing our conversations from convention. In November 2009 I invited him to come and have Thanksgiving with my family in California, thing was he was still living in Washington. He ended up flying down to Santa Barbara for a week and spending that Thanksgiving with my family. The next time that I saw him was in June of 2012, in New Hampshire shortly after I made the big move back East. We both were working at the same youth summer camp, he was on the worship team and I was on staff. After camp I did not see him until January 2011, one month after he asked me to be his girlfriend (December 1, 2010). He flew down for my 21st birthday and our first date. After all of this flying back and forth between states, Logan eventually moved to New Hampshire in February 2011.

On December 22, 2012, my best friend and I took a walk at Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara, California at sunset. Before we turned around to walk back to the car, we stopped to watch the sunset. It was then that he turned to me, got down on one knee and proposed. What else could I do beside stand there crying (which I never do) and laughing (that it was actually happening)? Well, say yes of course. And say yes I did. I’m excited to say that I have the privilege of marrying my best friend, Saturday, June 30, 2012 in California [the state where it all began].

And this is only the beginning of how I am [slowly] becoming Mrs. Strong.



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