Oh Me Oh My


How excited am I! I think I’m on a roll today!

I’m a huge fan of Etsy as it has so many different things, and is absolutely fantastic for wedding items! I recently discovered Etsy because of Pinterest and instantly thought it was a great place to get various wedding items I’d needed. Which brings me to say…

I just bought my bridesmaid’s necklaces!! I’m so excited about them, I just can’t believe how ridiculously excited about that I am. They’re absolutely perfect and match everything perfectly and aye aye aye I’m just way too excited! Just so you may (or may not) know, I’m not typically one to get overly excited about something like jewelry, but add to it that it’s for some of my favorite girls and that the necklaces look absolutely perfect, I’m sticking with how excited I am. I so very much wish I could show what they look like, but…it’s more wedding secrets that I get to keep now so that I can share later!

Also, I just ordered the guest book and am now working on ordering my garter (ooh la la) all from various Etsy shops!

I’ve also found my flower girl dresses that I’d love to have! (As you saw above, they girls loved twirling in them…for a moment)



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