THE Pick Up

Today I finally picked up my wedding dress!

I was supposed to have picked it up about two weeks ago, but when I went in to try it on then take it home they realized they 1. Didn’t hem it short enough in the front and 2. They missed part of the bustle. So after going back through the process of getting pins in the front of the dress to hem it further so I don’t trip like an idiot on my dress, I start to step off the pedestal/step I feel a pin lodge in my foot through my shoe. I guess as I was stepping down, I pushed a pin in the hem into my foot through my shoe.

I can’t move as the pin is lodged in the joint of my big toe, I ask the seamstress to help take the pin out. I don’t think she really heard or understood that I said the pin was literally stuck in my foot because she started to pull the bottom of the dress up so I wouldn’t step on it going down but she ended up yanking the pin right out of my foot. Let’s just say…it hurt. a lot. Well any ways I didn’t get to take my dress home, instead I had to leave it there, hoping that the next time I went in the hem would be the right length and the bustle was finished.

So today I go in, try it on (it fits like a glove, its perfect and I love it) the hem is the perfect length, so the next step is to check the bustle. So I get up on the pedestal surrounded by mirrors (always weird to see myself from every angle possible in bright lights) and one of the people who works in alterations starts working on figuring out how my bustle works (its a wee bit complicated) and after a few tries she figures out what goes where and how it should look…and its absolutely perfect. So today I was able to take that gorgeous dress home with me, and now the next step to get my shoes (another post coming, soon as I get them in the mail) and try them on with my dress! To my fittings I’ve been wearing a pair of shoes similar to what I’ll actually be wearing, but soon it’ll be time to see what it’ll actually look like with my shoes! So exciting!

After picking up my dress I went and hung out with my fiance, Logan, he had a psychology assignment/experiment he had to do so I figured I’d join him in his experiment. The assignment was to watch a movie or t.v. show that he’d never seen or heard of before and watch 30 minutes of it with a blindfold on and then another 30 minutes without the blindfold but without sound. We watched National Lampoon’s European Vacation…oh goodness…it is really strange just listening to 30 minutes of that movie to say the least, then to just watch and not hear anything may have been even more strange. Let’s just say after doing the experiment with Logan, I’m thankful that I can not just watch and listen to movies, but be able to fully experience life with sight and sound. Sometimes I take simple things like that for granted, just the other day it was sunny and beautiful but quickly turned to a hail storm. I had left the dog’s bed outside on the deck because he’d been out there earlier in the day (since it was gorgeous out) and I was about to bring it in for the day when the hail came. It came from no where or so it seemed, pelting the windows with a beautiful sound, I absolutely love the sound of rain (or in this case hail). I ran outside and within seconds I was soaked, stepping on large chunks of hail, the weird part about it all was that it was 54 degrees out! After about 20 minutes the hail ended and light rain came, bringing a light pitter-patter sound on the big windows in the kitchen.

Spring is here which means that summer is coming, which means that as of today, there are 77 DAYS LEFT until I get married!


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