And then it hits me…again and again

There are only 31 days til I officially become Mrs. Elizabeth Strong.

People constantly are asking me how many days left, how many days left. Well a few months ago Logan was asking me how manydays left and I was like uhhh I dunno look it up on a calendar and count. Instead of pulling out his phone to look at a calendar, he took my iPhone and went to the app store and was muttering something about “there’s gotta be an app for that”. Uh yeah. That really happened. Like you know how people always (or at least used to) throw that phrase around, “there’s an app for that”; well in this case it was really true, there was an app for that. So I now have an officially wedding countdown app on my phone, courtesy of Logan. So when you ask me how many days are left and I answer immediately, no I didn’t not go and count the exact days (I did prior to the app though), I probably just looked at the countdown that morning and remembered how many it said. Even though I wish I was that awesome and could remember the number without looking; I just don’t have that superpower…yet.

On Memorial Day Logan and I  went with another couple and their two adorable kids to Plum Island in Massachusetts for the day. It was one of those times where the moment I stepped foot onto the beach and got a glimpse of the ocean, I had to take a moment and catch my breath. Since moving to the East Coast and am no longer 8 minutes away from the ocean, I am constantly longing for it. For the feel of the grainy sand between my toes, the salty breeze that rushes past and envelopes me, the warm sun on my shoulders bringing out the freckles that reside there, and of course that unmistakable sound of the ocean and the crashing of the waves as they move in and out of the beach. While the guys were down at the waters edge with the kids building two sand castles, Grace and I were up on the beach having a wonderful conversation and enjoying the fantastic weather. Eventually our conversation turned to the wedding and how quickly it was approaching, she turned and asked me if I was nervous at all. I feel so blessed to have been able to turn turn her and confidently say that, no I’m actually not nervous. Sometimes I kinda chuckle because I want to turn and look at myself and say really? I’m not nervous? Typically I get really nervous when a big event or a big change is coming. This happens especially when I’m doing something in front of a lot of people (like speaking or even just standing in front of them) I just get wicked nervous. Just the thought of it causes my body to tense up, my stomach to start getting lots of butterflies, and my heart start pounding a thousand miles a minute. Yet for what is the biggest day of my life (so far) I’m unusually calm, I don’t feel nervous, just joy and excitement that in 31 days I will be marrying my best friend and the only one that I have ever dated and have ever loved and ever will love. Yep, thats a tid bit you may not have known about us; Logan is the only one that I have ever dated and I am the only one that Logan has ever dated. He is my first, my last, my onlyI am typically a very nervous person at any and all events/changes, yet for this, I’m surprisingly not. Sure you’re thinking oh don’t worry, when the day comes you’ll be nervous, it’s normal; and sure, I may be on that day, but it’s not the thought of marriage/the wedding that would make me nervous; the reason is a little comical actually…what would make me nervous is the fact that everyone will be looking at me. I’m more of a behind the scenes girl, not the up in the front kind. So don’t mind me if I seem a bit nervous 😉

Even though sometimes getting the final details together can be overwhelming, feeling like there’s not enough time in the day to get it all in, I’m still not nervous because I’ve got fantastic friends and family who are always offering to help with everything.

At the end of the day, after the wedding is done, all that will matter is that I have made a promise to love, honor, cherish, in sickness and in health, in joy and sorrow, in the good and the bad, forever and for always, and that that promise will never be broken.


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