Oh Ikea…

How I love to visit your enormous store. It thrills me to walk the showroom floors, gazing at each pre-designed room. Even though you are an hour away you are more than worth it.

So a few weeks ago Logan and I went to Ikea to pick out a bed and kitchen table set. We went through a ton of different beds and finally picked one. We found one that was a perfect height and had a great headboard with side storage and drawers under the bed. If you don’t know how Ikea works, they have all the stuff setup with tags on them – with isle and bin numbers. When you’re done shopping (you write those numbers as you go) you go to the storage area where all of their furniture is located and go down the aisles and find the bins you need. Them you pull out the ones you need (some have more than one box) and once you’re done you go to the check out counters. If you need to have something delivered you have to get the item, pay for it then take it over to the delivery counter. So we had everything (or so we thought) and checked out, had the mattress delivered and went home.

We get back to the apartment and start putting the headboard together and notice that we’re a box short. Come to find out I had missed one tag when I’d written down the bed. I missed the bed itself. I had the mid-beam, headboard, slats and mattress but I missed the bed itself completely. You can’t just order something online and have it delivered, you have to go down to the store, pick it out and have it delivered or just take it home.

Now fast forward to a few Thursday’s later. We picked a day to go down to Ikea and get the rest of the bed and had a few friends join us. So we piled into Logan’s Toyota with Nate and Rowdy from church and headed down to Ikea.

Once there, we wandered around a little then headed over to pick up the bed. We got the bed, checked out and headed to the car realizing that 4 people, 2-3 big long boxes and a small car might not work. We had a few options, the one we ended up picking probably wasn’t the most safe but it was definitely the funniest. Option 1. Try and fit it in the car. Option 2. Buy tie downs and put what didn’t fit on top of the car. Option 3. Have it all delivered to the house with the mattress that Saturday. We went for option 1..and let’s just say we had to fold the backseat down, move both front seats up (passenger side all the way) in order for it to fit. None of us are short (all about 5′ 9″ or taller) and so seeing as Logan had to be the driver and I was the shortest, I maneuvered into the front passenger side seat and Logan got into the driver side. So you’ve probably realized by now that we’ve still got to fit Nate and Rowdy in the car…yeah…we realized that too. Imagine this, the back seat of the car is folded down, there’s a box that is so long it goes from the trunk all the way to the front of the car. So the only space available is to sit on top of the box and hunch over because your head (and shoulders) hit the roof or the small crawl space below the box – basically means sitting on the floor with your back to one door and feet across to another with your head popping up between the door and the side of the box. The next thing we knew Nate was crawling under the box to get into that crawl space position under the box against the door and seats and Rowdy was somehow sitting on top of a box trying to make it look like he was sitting normal and not that he was sitting on top of a box. It was only supposed to be an hour drive home…it was more like 2.5 hours. There was a really bad 3 car accident on the opposite side of the highway about 30 minutes away from where we were stuck. When we finally passed it the south bound side was at a dead stop for about 3 miles solid with more piling up for the next few miles. Eventually we got back to the apartment and brought everything upstairs and started putting it all together finally.

One of the best reasons (that I never realized til now) for having Ikea furniture is that it requires and causes several things. It requires time, patience, communication, grace and the ability to read pictures without words. And a hammer. Which we never bought. We improvised with books, ends of tools and our hands. The reason why I liked it is because it required Logan and I to communicate a whole lot more when we were building the furniture rather than just doing our own thing hoping it came out right. When we didn’t communicate about what we were doing we got boards on backwards, screws in the wrong holes and several bruises from dropping boards on feet.

Now we know how to communicate better not only in double and triple checking that we have everything we need before leaving a store but how to communicate when putting things together.


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