Stepping Up and Out

A while ago online I found a list of questions to continually ask yourself, kind of like an internal check-up. Well I decided that I’m going to make it into a blogging series, called Stepping Up and Out. Based on the questions below I hope to discover how it is asking/requiring that I step up and out in that specific area of my life. I’m aiming to answer one question every two weeks, so this series will be done in 6 months (12 questions). As I go through these questions, I’d encourage you to do the same. Just like going to the doctor to get an annual or bi-annual check-up, an internal check-up is just as healthy.

So here we go, I won’t answer the questions in this particular order but I’ll link them to the post that I answer them in.

  1. Am I proud of the life that I’m living
  2. What have I tried this month (that’s new)
  3. What have I learned about God this year
  4. Am I really getting to know the people that are in my life and am I making myself available to get to be know by them
  5. What can I be doing to step outside of my comfort zone, name two things that I can do
  6. What should I stop doing in order to be able to do what I should be doing
  7. When I travel, what am I learning
  8. Am I doing all that I thought I’d be doing or wanted to be doing at this point in my life
  9. What is something (or a list of somethings) that I want to be doing by this time next year
  10. What is one area of my life that I can improve my view on
  11. Am I doing what I’m doing to the best that I can
  12. Am I helping others more than I’m helping myself

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