More than just words

I do like writing, but I tend to like doing other things a little more…which is why I sometimes slack on updating the blog portion of this site. Maybe its also because lately I’ve been busy making dinner and enjoying being with my husband playing board games, watching movies, going to the used bookstore and such. Since part of Becoming Mrs. Strong is making dinner, doing house (apartment) stuff, and doing stuff with my husband, I thought it’d be great to add a few extras to the site. So here’s a glimpse into what’s new at Becoming Mrs. Strong:

Entertain Me for the most part has various date ideas (including ones from personal experience), date night in a jar with lots more to come. It’s based on entertaining Logan and I as well as various hosting ideas, parties etc.

Feed Me is all of the food I’ve cooked since getting married. It’s not every single meal, but for the most part it’s the favorites. Still in progress.

Inspire Me is the DIY projects I’ve done (since getting married) or projects that I want to do. Most of the DIY projects are clothing, accessory or are for the home.

Read Me is the home of all blog posts that are not related to Entertain Me, Feed Me or Inspire Me. They are more of the personal journal-style blog posts.

So take a look around and maybe try something new for dinner tonight or schedule a date night or maybe even get together with a few friends and do that project you’ve been dying to do for ages!

What’s your favorite meal, date or DIY project that you’ve done this year?


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