Days Off

I like cooking, but I love baking.

Thursdays are my day off from work. They have become a sort of mid-week weekend for me. It’s been delightful to sleep on Wednesday night at any time knowing that I can wake up in the morning whenever I want to. Oddly enough during the week it takes several alarms for me to wake up, while on Thursdays I wake up right when my alarm normally wakes me up. Like I said, delightful. Not. Anyways, Thursdays are my cleaning/errand/relaxing day since I started having that day off. It may be strange, but I actually enjoy cleaning. Putting headphones on and listening to Pandora while cleaning is pretty relaxing to me.

20120824-000452.jpgThursday’s are also the day that I get a little more time to cook something for dinner and if I’m lucky, bake something. Today was one of those super productive yet relaxing days. I went for a run, cleaned, did some grocery shopping with Logan, made dinner and a chocolate raspberry loaf and painted my nails.

Tonight I made Baked Mexican Penne, it was really good except I probably should have taken it out a few minutes earlier (the top pasta layer got a little crunchy).


Then there’s the chocolate raspberry breakfast loaf I baked. It is so good; the original recipe doesn’t have any raspberries or chocolate, which is where intend to deviate from the original recipe. I love raspberries and I love chocolate, which is why when I don’t see it in something and it sounds like it could (or should), I add it in. And oh boy was it a good decision. I’m typically a follow-the-rules kind of girl, but when it comes to baking I like to add a little here and there…and chocolate tends to be the thing I add a lot of here and there. I have more fun and feel more freedom to deviate from recipes when I’m baking. There’s something about baking that makes me feel more free to add or substitute ingredients than when I’m cooking. Maybe it’s because when I’m cooking I know that there’s hungry stomachs awaiting food and unless I’ve made it before and know that I can mess with the recipe. With baking I do it more for me and if it doesn’t turn out then whoops try again. Today’s additions to the loaf were do good that I’ve already had two small slices this evening. I can’t wait to eat (more) of it in the morning!!


If you could have a day off once a week, what would you do?


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