Some days

Some days you’ve just gotta eat like you’re in college. Those days are what I’d like to call “Monday”. Logan’s got a class that runs late Monday’s and so I’ve decided that Monday’s are going to be a “fend for yourself” day. Growing up did your mom/dad ever say that to you? “Well kids, I’m not making dinner so tonight you get to fend for yourself.” when my parents did that I’d typically do cereal and a huge handful of chocolate chips. Don’t ask. Other times id somehow convince my brother to make us mac n cheese.

Well, seeing as getting married kind of turns you into Paula Deen or someone
who’s spent way too much time on Pinterest finding awesome dinners (or at least I’d like to hope so) – you get kind of tired of making dinner each night or at least run out of energy. So having one night a week (at least) to not make dinner is kinda nice. So basically Mondays have become a fend for yourself night and I fended for myself by making Mac n cheese. Yep college food. I could have “spiced it up” and added stuff or done something to make it “healthy” but nah. I decide straight from the box (after being made of course) is good enough for “Fend for yourself Mondays”.

Do/did you ever have fend for yourself dinner days? What would you make?



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