Loose Ends

As I sit here eating leftover Mac N’ Cheese from the other night, I realized that a few posts ago I mentioned that once the wedding was done and I’d gotten photos back, I’d post a link…well I’m a bit slow on that end. I’ve had my photos since the middle of August; I’ve even made 3 photo albums – one for Logan & I, one for my parents, and one for his parents. Yet no link on this site. Whoops. Well that’s about to change. To see our wedding album, click the photo below and enjoy!

I’ve also realized while cleaning the apartment that I’ve still got my dress and veil hanging in the closet next to the preservation kit I had bought from David’s Bridal when I got the dress. It’s not like they’re taking up precious closet space or anything, I just figured I should wrap some stuff like that up. Then I realized that I have yet to finish and mail our thank you postcards. I had every intention of getting them done and gone in August but I’m a procrastinator deep down, and so I’m finishing them up today in order to buy the stamps and send them tomorrow. Maybe.

Now it’s off to make a real dinner (as opposed to my “fend for yourself Monday” dinner) – Mexican Stuffed Shells! I’ll post the recipe later this week for those who want to try it – it’s really good.


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