Into the Woods

Living in New Hampshire has certain benefits that not all states have – easy access to great outdoor activities. Logan and I haven’t utilized this great asset as often as we would like, but the other day we had the chance and we took it. Summer is quickly coming to a close – Logan’s back in school, the weather is cooling, and the leaves are starting to turn beautiful oranges and reds. What this means is that the opportunity for hiking through the mountains (without snow) is starting to disappear. So for a while I’ve been looking into different trails in our area that weren’t walking paths or so easy we’d get bored after a few minutes. I finally found one that from reviews, looked like it’d be a good one to start with. So a few Sunday mornings ago before leaving for church we packed up sandwiches, no-bake energy balls, filled our camel backpacks with water and headed to church. Oh and before we left the apartment, Logan asks, “should I bring my knife?”, I told him, “umm…yeah…sure why not.” It’s not just “boys and their toys” its something that is actually written into who they are. It’s a part of their soul – the longing for adventure, and I’d say that bringing a knife is part of that. So who am I to say no when it’s all a part of the adventure?

I once read two great books – “Captivating” by Staci Eldredge and “Wild at heart” by her husband, John Eldredge. In both books they talk about discovering the secret of the man/woman’s soul. In Wild at Heart, John says,

“Adventure is written into the heart of a man. And it’s not just about having ‘fun’. Adventure requires something of us, puts us to the test.”

It made me realize is that God created boys and men to be this way. To yearn for an adventure. So when Logan wanted to bring his knife and run (literally) off the path through the woods with his huge knife strapped to his leg, who was I to stop him? He was seeking an adventure. And I wanted to go with him. We ran through those woods like no ones business. We ran up the mountain side where it was all boulders even when there was a nice, neat, well-trodden path a few yards away. We didn’t go there to take the easiest path, the one that everyone else had taken. We were there for the adventure, for seeking new ways of getting to the top, for creating our own path.

I loved seeing Logan’s face light up as we ran through the woods, scaled the boulders, and blazed our own path. Logan grew up in the woods, so for me it was a joy to see him so at home and enjoying himself to the fullest as we explored the woods together.

I would highly recommend reading both “Captivating” by Staci Eldredge and “Wild at heart” by John Eldredge. They are both fantastic books which give great insight and wisdom into the hearts and souls and men and women. It will take you on a journey to a deeper understanding of why and how God created you the way you are.

We even found a geocache when sitting on a boulder on the side of the mountain. Sweet stuff. And there may have been some older hikers that we decided to “follow” while we were running through the woods making sure they never saw us. At one point Logan even had me lay on the ground so they wouldn’t see us as they walked by. I got bit by like a billion ants…but it was worth it for the adventure.


Logan in his element

When was the last time that you blazed your own trail or went on an adventure? If you do end up reading either Captivating or Wild at Heart, I’d love to know what you thought of them.


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