Every which way but loose

Bridal Shower

Welcome to question number two of the series “Stepping Up an Out“, this week I’ve decided that I’m going to try and tackle the fifth question on my list: What can I be doing to step outside of my comfort zone, name two things that I can do.

It took me a while to figure out which question I wanted to tackle, but when I was going through some old quotes and phrases I had, I found my answer.

Every which way but loose

That’s kind of how I think very often. I do (just about) everything very uptight. I am naturally a very introverted, organizational, shy  and quiet (around new people), uptight, rule-driven person. I don’t ‘let loose’ very often, and when I do, it tends to shock people. For example, I don’t dance, period. I feel very awkward due to the fact that I tend to look a crazy string bean when I do venture out of my comfort zone and dance. There are always exceptions to this personal rule, and two of the most recent exceptions have been at my bachelorette party and my wedding. I made an internal decision when discussing the final details of the wedding that I would dance, no matter what. I also made the decision that if we did something for my bachelorette party that involved going dancing, I would make sure that I danced like no tomorrow. At my bachelorette party were some of my friends from high school and college who were there when there was a dance. I did go to one dance in high school – sophomore homecoming and one college dance – spring social, and yes, I did dance at both of those. The reason I bring up those two examples is because when my sister asked me if I would want to go dancing after the earlier part of the bachelorette party was done, I said yes. Then when I went and told the girls to bring a change of clothes (if necessary) because we were going to go dancing after. Their reactions were priceless. They couldn’t believe that I wanted to go out dancing, seeing as they knew how much I disliked it in general. It got even better when we got to the club and I started dancing with everyone, the whole night they seemed to still be in disbelief that I was still out on the floor dancing. Then at the reception for the wedding I was dancing (for the short time I could), to which I still got comments of how they couldn’t believe I was the one pulling them to the dance floor. I don’t let loose very often but when I do it tends to be a shocker. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or something that needs to be changed. I like surprising/shocking people, but I also don’t want to be known as uptight.

So I’m deciding here and now that I want to surprise and shock people, but that I also want to let loose more often and become a little more extroverted. Two things that I know that I can do to become less of an uptight introvert is to

  1. Speak up more often
  2. Loosen up a little

What are two things that you could do to step outside of your comfort zone?


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