A Passionate Pursuit

I feel terrible. I’ve failed you all miserably on posting frequently and even following the personal question series I was starting. Truth is besides the fact that I’m forgetful, I’ve been unusually busy. Since November it’s been non-stop, go go go at work with a district-wide pastors conference and designing promotional material for all of the upcoming events this year. Then at home we had been all over the place with me in California for Thanksgiving and then L and I in South Carolina for Christmas. And now that L is back in school we’re starting to figure out our rhythm for this semester which always takes some time. And finally we moved to a smaller apartment just this past week. So not only is life busy and crazy, but our apartment is a mess of boxes, bags, and just stuff we’ve accumulated in the short 7 months we’ve been married, which makes me crazy because I hate a messy house.

Despite the craziness of our life, I’ve been missing something in my personal life. It’s taken a while but I’ve realized that I’ve been missing having relationship with other women in a smaller setting than at church. I’ve been trying to find a good day in our schedule for me to join a journaling group so that I can get connected with other women and continue to grow in a different aspect in my relationship with God. About mid-January at church, they announced that winter groups were starting back up and would start the last week of January. I was so excited when they  made that announcement, I may have even elbowed L a little too enthusiastically and pointed at the bulletin where it had the list of all the winter groups available. When we got home we went over what L’s schedule for this semester was and looked at what day would work best for our schedule (we only have one car and have to commute to school and work everyday) I found the winter group that I wanted to join. It was a women’s study from a book called A Woman’s Passionate Pursuit of God, by Karol Ladd. Last week was the second week of the study (I missed the first due to the flu) and wow was it awesome.

I am the youngest in the group of about sixteen other women. It’s so wonderful to see the diversity in age and life in this group, I can’t wait for this week’s study. Last week we looked over the first chapter, Beautiful Hope From Ugly Beginnings.

The good news is no matter how you start your journey, the beginning doesn’t necessarily determine the outcome. There are tremendous possibilities up ahead. God is a God of hope, and He can bring redemption to even the worst situation.

So often I don’t see it that way. If I’ve started something and something goes wrong, I just assume it’s not going to end well. I’m a more pessimistic thinker rather than an optimistic one. I’m the one in the group who can instantly think of all the things that could go wrong before I could think of anything that could go right. I always seem to lost sight of the other outcome of a situation; I fail to see that the situation could turn around and that it could end positively. Like Karol says, “He can bring redemption to even the worst situation.” The whole point of this book is about creating a positive and purposeful life. When I saw what the group was going to be reading, I knew I had to be in it, I’ve been a negative thinker and person for a very long time and it’s time to change that. God sure has a sense of humor sometimes; He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. He knew that I want to change the way I think and act and that I’ve been craving relationship with other godly women and He has given me an opportunity to have both in one place. I can’t wait to see where this next chapter takes me!


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