Open, Flexible, Infinite

Open Flexible Infinite

Go confidently into the direction of your dreams and the life you imagined.

This weekend I spent most of it inside cleaning, organizing and updating my computer as I watched the snow fall…again. This is like what the third snow storm this season? No matter, I was in the zone. You know those days where the world could be falling apart around you and you’re so absorbed in what you’re doing that you don’t even notice it? That’s been my weekend, being completely absorbed in organizing and prepping for this new season that I wouldn’t even notice that it’d be 2 a.m.

I’m stepping plunging into a new season in my work life. As of recently I am a full-time freelance designer, working from home. Let’s just say that God has a funny way of doing things. He definitely has got me, and He definitely knows whats going on on all sides. For a while I’ve been tip toeing around the edge of the pool, thinking about wading in part of the way. I was thinking of working from home a day or two a week while working a couple days from my office. I was mentally working it all out in my head, all the little details, how I’d bring it up to my boss, etc. One afternoon all my planning came to an end as I was asked about working from home full time. And that’d be the place where I plunged right in the deep end instead. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about and wondering if I’d ever get to that place, but more importantly, if I wanted to get to that place. If you were to tell me last year or even 6 months ago that I’d be a full-time freelance designer I would have laughed at you. No honestly I would have. This has always been a passion of mine, but I always feel like I’m be swimming in the deep end without knowing how to swim. Now that this is really happening, I feel this huge kick to learn more, hone my skills and find my niche. It’s a great feeling, but also absolutely terrifying, paralyzing, and more intimidating than ever. I started to laugh when I was asked what I thought about it. As, I was saying before, this is something that I’d been thinking about and here I was being asked about it. I said yes, I would love to, so I packed up my desk and here I am now working from home.

Another reason why I was laughing is because this change is going to give me new opportunities. One of them being something that I’ve been thinking about for probably about two years. At my church a big theme is “Pray for One” – meaning to pray for one person in your life to come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. What I realized that day was that I was constantly surrounded by those who already knew Christ, my office was all pastors, and all my friends were Christians. It was at that time that I was reminded of when I worked at Starbucks all the people I was surrounded by and the opportunities I had to pray for one on a consistent basis. I even had one of my coworkers and her boyfriend come to church with me after talking about God in a random conversation at the end of a shift. Those were the opportunities that I’ve been missing out on and now that I have more flexibility in my hours, I see that God is giving me that opportunity again. I’m hoping that in the next couple weeks I will be able to interview at the Starbucks down the road and begin working there part-time.

So, I am entering this new season with an open heart and mind, with a flexible schedule and infinite opportunities, and with great expectations.

Oh yeah, and with the new season comes a new hair cut! Gotta say I’m loving the bangs a whole lot!

In case you’re wondering what I now do: I work part-time as a freelance designer for the Northeast District office designing promotional material and handling communications (district e-mails, event registrations, district website). Then I also work part-time as a freelance designer for Oh Six Thirty Designs – my new design business.


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