A Rainy Day Opportunity

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So the other morning I had a meeting which meant I had to take Logan to school so I could have the car to go to the meeting. After my meeting I went home and started to work..but on my way home I noticed I needed to get gas before I went to pick Logan back up. I also remembered I had some clothes I wanted to drop off in a give-away box before I completely forgot about it. Both of those things I could have waited to do until I had to go get Logan, but for some reason I felt I had to go right then and not later. So I headed back out, up until this point it had been raining but when I got outside it was freezing rain that would randomly switch to snow. I wasn’t particularly dressed for the weather (jeans, converse, T-shirt and a zip up hoodie aren’t really winter clothes…) but I also wasn’t planning on being out in the rain forever either. So I pull out of the apartment and drive literally two buildings down to the gas station and start pumping gas. As soon as I’ve pulled the receipt and started to get back in, a woman in her mid 60’s – 70’s comes up to me and asks if I’ve got jumper cables – her car died at the pump. I told her I was really sorry but I didn’t (Logan later tells me apparently we do in a box in the trunk…oh well) but that the building next to the gas station was an auto part store they may be able to help. She thanked me in her broken English and tried walking in the direction of the auto parts store. Remember, it’s still freezing rain outside and she didn’t have an umbrella or winter clothes on either like me (great thinking on our parts). I start to get back in my car and put my card away when I see her come back and ask another car that just pulled in if they had jumper cables. They didn’t. She stood for a minute out in the rain trying to figure out what to do. She looked scared and worried about the whole situation and I felt a tug on my heart. Here’s that opportunity you were wanting. Get out of the car and help her however you can. So out of the car I go, I pull my hood on and walk back over to her and ask if she’d like me to drive her over to the auto parts store and see if they can help. She looked relieved when I asked and agreed. So we hop into my car and drive around the corner to the auto parts store, all the while explaining her car just died and the arm on her windshield wiper broke. We walk into the store and before the manager walked up to assist us, she nudged me and asked if I would explain the situation to him. I said of course that’d be no problem. The manager walks up and I start explaining the situation and he says that normally they don’t jump cars but since she was right next door at the gas station he could have one of his guys come do it when they got back from a delivery in less than 10 minutes. We also mentioned the wiper arm to which he told her once they jump her car, to just come on over and they’ll get her all fixed. So we drove back over to the gas station and she said shed be fine to wait in her car until the guy came. She thanked me profusely for helping her and I dropped her off and went on with my errands. On my way home (20 minutes later) I checked that she wasn’t still at the gas station. She wasn’t, she was next door with the at running while she was inside figuring out her wiper situation.

I didn’t shove the Gospel down her throat, I didn’t even mention it. I just took the opportunity that God had given me to be a blessing to someone in need. I asked for an opportunity to show God’s love and to be a blessing to someone and God gave it to me in the form of a little old lady with a broken car in the rain.

Sometimes God comes disguised as your life. Do you run from the opportunities presented to you to help or bless others because you’re too busy or because you’re afraid of something?


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