Life of a Freelancer


Sometimes, to grow, you need to do the things that scare you the most.

This morning I was sent a quick text asking if I would be interested in consulting with a potential client about a logo redesign and a new website. I immediately said yes, I would love to, because well isn’t that the point of being a freelance designer? To get more clients and grow your business? Shortly after I said yes I got cold feet. I had not yet agreed to consult with the client on what they were wanting, but I had said yes to the looking at my availability to possibly take on that client. Yet, just the thought of taking on a new client scared me. Somehow that is not exactly what you’d think my reaction should be. It should be closer to being excited about having a new client, more experience and expanding my portfolio. Yet I was scared of it all. Scared that if after talking with the client and agreeing to take on their project, I would suddenly realize how inadequate my skills or creativity were and therefore, resign. This is because I am self-taught, I have never gone to school for design, let alone take any classes. I have learned all that I know from various mentors and from online. I know that I still have so much to learn and I am constantly trying to learn all that I can to improve my skills and understanding of design. I am so glad that we have the ability to continually learn and grow, not just stopping when we reach a certain age or stage in life. Everyday is a new day, full of opportunities to learn and grow. While freelancing can be a scary world, it can also freeing and exciting. So here’s to me doing the things that scare me most and learning from it no matter the outcome.

Interested in seeing some of my work? Check out my new portfolio here.


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