Seeing and Learning

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living – Miriam Beard

With each trip I take, be it on a mini-adventure with a friend, crossing into a near by state, or traveling across the country or across the world; I realize that I change with each of those miles I go. It isn’t just going out and seeing something, because even in those moments when I think it is, I learn something that I never expected. It helps me see what I love and what I don’t, what I want and what I don’t want, who I want to be and who I don’t want to be. It changes me down to the core of who I am, and enables me to really see who I am, and in a sense, what I’m made of. I love the moments when I sense the change and understand what it is and whats changing or will change.

When I travel I also am able to see the world through new eyes and an open heart and mind. Sometimes I think that traveling is the best solution to stubborness. When you travel, you are forced to change your schedule and sometimes your direction. I’m a very stubborn person, and I know that just about everything changes when you travel. It’s just something that happens, because quite frankly the world doesn’t revolve around you and so people won’t stop and change their daily life to make yours seem normal. That’s the whole point of traveling I believe, to get out of your daily routine, learn something new, do something unexpected and see that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Sometimes I still forget this, and think its okay that everyone stops what they’re doing to accomodate their lives to what I want. But it’s not okay and so I have to stop, step back and think about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and see how I can help those whos life I’ve interrupted by being there. After all, when you travel you go to see; so why not when you travel go to learn? When you see its just a surface action, but when you learn it penetrates into who you are and what you believe. So when you travel anywhere, see and learn – help those who are around you. See how they do life, and what better way than to actually help them? You’d learn so much more about where you are and about yourself if you put some effort into learning.


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