DIY Chalkboard Painted Mason Jars

It has been 8 days and one year since I got married. Oh how time flies! I definitely couldn’t forget what day it was not only because it was our first wedding anniversary, but because it was also a friend of mine’s wedding day (her husband is L’s best friend). Off and on over the past couple months we’ve been helping do various wedding stuff for them, from the guys cleaning and prepping the barn (where the reception would be held) to painting chalkboard hearts on mason jars. Lots of people kept asking me which I like better, doing my wedding or helping someone else with theres. That was a hard one to answer because honestly I didn’t really help do anything for my wedding since it was on the other side of the country. Even when I was there the week before I didn’t really do that much because my mom had been doing it all along with friends from the church. And on the day before and day of we had tons of people there early setting up and doing the flowers etc. So I didn’t really get to do anything for my wedding, which I think made it more fun to help someone else with theirs. Everything for the wedding was DIY’d which was awesome and a lot of work (I didn’t even do a whole lot but I know there was tons that was done).

We even got 2 groomsmen to help!

We even got 2 groomsmen to help!

One of my favorite DIY projects that we did was the mason jars. Now these weren’t just any mason jars, these are the legit ones with “mason jar” written on them with measurements. The works. And there were 180 of them. The mason jars were a triple threat. They were everyone’s drinking glass for the night, their place card, and their favor. How awesome is that?? Now for the DIY part: they have chalkboard hearts painted on them! It took us 2 nights (about 8-10 hours total) to do all 180 of them. We had 2 of the groomsmen try helping but well…they were a bit slow so we sent them back to play COD.

Part of the mason jar army in their first coat of paint

Part of the mason jar army in their first coat of paint

What you’ll need

  • Chalkboard Paint (we used the brown color)
  • Foam roller (needs to be wide enough to fit your stencil without going over the edge of it)
  • Stencil (if you’re not freehand painting)
  • Tarp/Covering for the area you’re painting
  • Mason jars (or wall/table etc…basically whatever you’re going to be painting on to)

What you do 

  1. Prep your stencil (if using one). Since we were doing a heart shape on the mason jars, we got several pieces of thick cardstock and drew a heart shape then cut out the center so that there was paper around the edges.
  2. Dive right in! Start rolling the paint on (using another piece of cardstock/paper to make sure the paint went on the roller evenly).
  3. It takes about 30 minutes (give or take a few) for the first coat to dry. Depending on what you’re painting, you’ll need to do at least 2 coats.
  4. Sit back and enjoy the awesomeness that you’ve just created!
My jar at the wedding!

My jar at the wedding!

Just have to share my other favorite part (which sadly didn’t make it to the reception because it was forgotten in the craziness of transporting everything from the house to the barn) was the poster-style guest book I made!

2013_Poster Final


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