Strong Island

Summer beckons us to seek out new places; to walk through the trees and discover that little piece of paradise.

Strong Island

Say hello to “Strong Island”

This summer (or rather, the last two weeks), L & I have tried to make more of an effort to go for walks when he gets home from work. There’s a rather large park about a 3-minute drive from our apartment that we like to go walking and running at. It’s got a river running through the middle of it and several others all around it. Today was my day off and so I did as I always try and do, pick up the apartment, catch up on blog posts/personal emails/texts/letters and make dinner and possibly something else. Some days off I end up just laying around watching movies and doing nothing all day, today happily was a mix of the busy and the relaxing. Tuesday L had said we should go for a walk/run when I got home on Wednesday (his day off) but he ended up going for a run earlier in the day so I suggested going today. When he was on his run he went along a different river in the park by the apartment and came upon a slower part of the river that had a little island. So today he got home and asked if I wanted to go to the river for a walk through the woods to get to the river, I said sure (not totally getting how woodsy of a walk it’d be) and off we went.

Strong Island 2

Just sittin’ on the “bridge” to our island

Let’s just say I wasn’t the happiest camper halfway through this “short-cut” through the woods, it was a little bit more woodsy than I had thought it would be but we got there and wow. Wow oh wow oh wow. All you could hear was the sound of the river rushing by, the trees creaking and the bugs flying by your head. It took me a minute to cool down from the walk but then it was just peaceful and relaxing. L was already halfway in the river just walking around by the time I got my shoes off. What I’ve forgotten to mention yet is that the place where our trail ended there was a little island just 10 or 12 feet away, with a foot’s width of a tree branch as a bridge. Logan had just walked onto the island from the river, but I was still on the other side where our “trail” was. I decided that I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to have fun and enjoy myself, so I started to walk across the “bridge”. I got about 4 feet away from the shore when I just knew that I was going to fall. Quick as I could I reached into my pocket and threw my iPhone onto the island. Just as the iPhone had left my hand I fell into the river. It was only about knee-deep but I got wet up to my hips – thankfully I was wearing my board shorts so they dried really quickly.

Eventually L & I waded out into the river, sat on the branch and talked as the river rushed between our toes. The water wasn’t as cold as I thought it’d be which was nice since I fell into it, but it was cold enough to cool us down from this heat wave. We laughed as we noticed how if you raise your toes up almost to the surface it creates these bubbles as the water rushes past. We talked about rejoicing in trials and¬†persevering through them because the trail may be hard and you may want to quit but the place it takes you to is worth the hike it took to get there.

Strong Island 3



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