Sad Goodbye

On September 5th I received a phone call from my mom telling me one of my oldest friends, Kady, was in the hospital on life support. The shock of that was hard enough for me, but later when she told me how she got there, it was a little more than I could bear. I don’t tend to process things very well so I began to process in the best way I knew. Writing. Below is a letter I had written to Kady the day I found out she was on life support. I had started to write it out on paper to mail to her, but by the time that came around it was Monday. September 9th a friend of mine and I were hanging out when we were heading home after picking L up from school and L got a call from my dad. When L hung up he didn’t say anything so I didn’t ask what was up. When we got home as my friend was heading out I asked L what my dad had called about and he quietly told me that Katelyn passed away a couple hours prior.

To my dear Kady-bug,

The last time I saw you, even though it was for a brief couple minutes, while you were working at Panera you had such a smile on your face. I have always loved your laugh and smile. I don’t think I ever told you that. You have such a unique and wonderful laugh. That is one of many regrets I have. I never told you how much being your friend meant to me growing up. Especially in junior high, oh the craziness of those times. Looking back now I am thankful that you and Alissa protected me in a way from most of the things that had happened in those years; but I regret that I had not tried hard enough to protect you from those things.

I will always love and remember the times spent at your house whether it was watching movies, eating tapioca, or hanging out in the pool. Every time I go in a pool I remember the times we would let our hair down and flip it funny so that it would look like those old fashioned wigs. I think we even used to strut around the pool with our hair like that talking in funny accents saying silly things like, “Oh Mrs. Washington you look lovely today…”

Sometimes friendships, no matter how often (or not) we talked or saw each other, last a lifetime and leave a permanent mark on our hearts. And you Kady bug, have left a mark on mine.

I love you dearly my Kady bug and will miss you.

Kady’s obituary in the Santa Barbara News Press.


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