The Whovian

Soo… I’m a Whovian.

Don’t know what that is? (Clutches chest as though just gotten stabbed in the heart)

Well I’ll tell you. It’s basically what us Doctor Who fans call ourselves. I started watching Doctor Who a couple of years ago and fell in love with the show. It’s one of those shows that you can watch the episodes over and over and over and over again. And I do. Oh heck yes I do. So why bring it up now? Well just the other day, well more specifically, Monday, November 25, 2013 was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Yes that’s right, this show has been around for 50 YEARS!! It’s just that amazing. Well due to the fact that it was the 50th anniversary, they created an episode (well more like 2 episodes in one) that was shown in theaters around the world. It is the longest running sci-fi show ever and after Monday it broke a couple more records for most watch simulcast or something amazing like that. So back to the awesome part. I got to go see it in theaters!!! For a while I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to see it in theaters because of work or other commitments I had at night, but the instant I discovered I could go I screamed (heck yeah I did) and then ran to my computer and purchased my ticket.

One of the fun things about all of this is that a month or so ago I discovered that there were Whovians in my store at Starbucks. That’s right, there were more of us working in the same store. It made my heart happy knowing there were people I saw nearly everyday who would talk about Doctor Who with me whenever and for nearly our whole shift, talking in quotes and running around yelling “Geronimo” and “Allons-y”! I discovered this on one of my breaks when I looked up and saw a box on top of the shelving in the back room that had confidential documents in it, it had “BAD WOLF” written on it. I had been in the middle of a conversation with another partner when I gasped and she freaked out because she had no idea what I was freaking out about. I immediately asked her if she knew of Doctor Who and when she said she didn’t but she knew of two others in the store who did. The next time they were working I freaked out on them and basically yelled “BAD WOLF??!!!??” and they’re faces lit up and basically every shift since then has been non-stop Who talk.

Who box

So the day before the 50th anniversary I made a shirt – I just had too. You can’t go to a 50th anniversary of your favorite show and call yourself a Whovian with out wearing something that’s Doctor Who related! I pulled out one of my billion white shirts, some acrylic paint and brushes and went searching for the perfect thing to put on the shirt. I ended up finding the Doctor Who logo and put it into Illustrator then traced it so it was just the outline of it. Then I grabbed a piece of paper and put it up to my monitor and traced it (ghetto I know) and then went to painting it on my shirt. I’m very proud of my shirt 🙂

Who Shirt 1

Who Shirt 2

So basically it was like the best episode ever. I laughed, I cried, (it moved me Bob…. Veggie Tales for those who don’t get it) And if it can’t get any more awesome, it was in 3D!!!!!


It gets better. So my store manager knows that there are 3 of us Whovians in the store and so one day she was Snapchatting someone who found a Tardis in a nearby town and took a photo of it. She then sent it to us Whovians and we were all basically just freaking out.


So yeah…that’s basically it.. just wanted to share a little bit more of what I love.

Oh yeah, and for all things Who related check out their Tumblr here. P.S. Beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen the Day of the Doctor!

Are you a Whovian? If so let me know, I love meeting new Whovians!

Oh yeah and this is my 50th post!!! So my 50th post is about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who – how fitting!!!


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