Date Night Ideas

So Logan and I aren’t the greatest date night planners, we kind of just end up going and doing something rather than planning it. Probably because we both will sit down and won’t know what to do. Which is why I probably why it’s a good idea for us to do the date night in a jar…I should probably add this to my DIY project list if I’m ever going to actually do it. I figured though that I could give a separate list of dates that we have done and you can add it to your date night in a jar if you want. For us a date is being together doing something, even the most non-date type thing is a date to us. We just like being together and if we can laugh, grow, learn more about the other and have an overall good time, its a date. It’s a little different being on a date when you’re married; if the guy pays for it all its still coming out of your wallet (if you’ve got joint accounts), you don’t have to worry if too much if you eat something messy he’s not going to like you, you could have garlic breath and he’ll still kiss you, the list can become endless. Some of the things below may not seem like a “date” in the normal way you’d think of a date, but when you’ve got no ideas on what to do these can come in pretty handy. So go out and have a great date!

  • Browse your local used bookstore 

This is a great place to talk about books you’ve read/want to read etc. They had an amazing sale at our super used bookstore, Logan found several books and I found 9 movies for $15! We ended up going home, making popcorn and watching The In-Laws (he’d never seen it) and started to watch Kingdom of Heaven (I’d never seen it).

  • Play board games together

Logan and I got several games when we got married and frequently we will make dinner then pull out a game and play for a while. We’ve played RumiTiles, Mexican Train Game, Cashflow (online and boardgame), and poker so far. It’s even more fun if one or both of you hasn’t played the game because they either teach you/you teach them or you both learn together. I’d never played poker before and Logan really likes playing it, since we didn’t have the actual chips we used change we’d been saving up instead. We now own our own poker set so that when we get together with friends and other couples, we can play.

  • Take a walk or a hike at a local park/walking trail

We’re lucky to live where we live; New Hampshire is a beautiful state for being outdoors in. We also happen to live within about 1 mile walking distance from a great lake with walking trails all around it. We’ve gone there several times (when we were dating, engaged and married) in the summer and the winter and it was a great time to spend outdoors together.

  •  Go to a local show (ballet/concert/comedy etc)

This one depends on both of your interests, how much you want to spend, and which type of show you want to see. Logan is currently studying guitar performance at the University of Mass. Lowell. One of his professors plays in the orchestra at the Boston Opera House (or at least just for this particular show…I’m not quite sure) and he had two tickets to see the ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, on opening night and Logan got them! Growing up I took several ballet classes, had friends who did ballet and I went to several performances (Beauty and the Beast, The Nutcracker and several others). I personally enjoy getting dressed up and attending the ballet. Logan, however, had never been to a ballet and had no idea what to expect…let’s just say he didn’t mind the ballet, except for the fact that at 6′ 1″ he barely had any leg room. Other than the leg room issue, it was a wonderful night that we got to experience together. I’d highly recommend trying out new things, such as going to the ballet or going to a stand-up comedy night who knows, you may have found your new favorite thing!


Or, to see more of where I get some of our date night ideas, visit my Pinterest board here.


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