Date Night In A Jar

So I’ve become a mason jar addict. From storing bobby pins, q-tips and makeup brushes to using them to make pie or cake in a jars and body scrubs, I’ve grown to love the versatility of mason jars. So one day while I was on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a fantastic idea from Life in the Green Housedate night in a jar! Basically what it breaks down to is, a mason jar with popsicle stick each with a different date idea. One of the best things about this idea is that the popsicle sticks are color coded based on how much time and money it is. So if you’re looking for something to do thats quick and cheap like a movie marathon with your favorite dessert you’d pull a popsicle stick that matches the quick & cheap color. This is great for Logan and I because we are always trying to think of what we can do when we’re together besides homework or watching a movie.

Life in the Green House

To make a date night in a jar you need:

  • A plain (you can decorate it later if you want) wide mouth mason jar
  • Big popsicle sticks – if they’re plain, paint/color them to match the key (explained below)
  • A list of different date ideas (see my list below for ideas) at different price and planning points

So I’ve broken it down into 3 categories: $$ + Planning Time, $ + Minor Planning, and At Home. There’s no solid definition between $ and $$ dates, but you’ll see below the difference in price and be able to determine on your own how much you want to split up $$ from $ dates. So here goes my list, several of them are taken from the Life in the Green House’s post, but are things that I definitely think are great ideas. While I haven’t yet created my date night in a jar, I thought getting a head start never hurt anyone, so once I’ve made it and we’ve done one, I’ll do an update (with pictures!)

At Home

  • Food Network Style Food Challenge – like those on the t.v. show, Chopped
  • Take Out Dinner + Board Games
  • Puzzle + Pizza
  • Movie Marathon + Nachos
  • Yummy Dessert + Chick-Flick
  • Breakfast For Dinner
  • Make A Dessert Together
  • T.V. Show Marathon – Probably LOST or Robin Hood
  • “Little Italy” – Homemade pizza + movie (preferably an Italian style/location movie…but The Italian Job would work great too)
  • “Cinco De May when its not Cinco De Mayo” – Homemade mexican food

$ + Minor Planning

  • Dinner Out + A Movie (One picks the restaurant, the other picks the movie)
  • Laser Tag/Mini Golf/Go Carts
  • Drive-in Movie
  • Dessert Only – go out somewhere just for dessert (eat dinner at home)
  • Apartment Window Shopping – has the possibility to spend $ or not at all
  • Go Bowling
  • Have a Picnic in a Park
  • Find Live Entertainment – there’s a great comedy club in Boston I want to visit
  • Rock Climbing – I already do this weekly but it’d be a great date for Logan + I to do
  • Visit a Museum
  • Go Stargazing
  • Find a Happy Hour With Cheap Wings + Drinks – Logan loves wings
  • Go For a Hike
  • Geocaching
  • Trip into Boston for the day or night

$$ + Planning

  • Bed + Breakfast
  • Dinner at a (Fancy) Restaurant
  • Hotel For the Night
  • Concert + Dinner (his choice)
  • Concert + Dinner (my choice)
  • Weekend Away
  • Couples Massage
  • Dinner Cruise (From Boston Harbor)

I am well-known for my indecisiveness and as such, date night in a jar is a fantastic help for me!

Do you have any great date ideas? What was your favorite date that you’ve ever been on or even that you’ve planned?


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