Inspire Me

I love doing DIY projects! I’ve actually got a friend of mine (soon to be two) that I get together with and we have a Pinterest party basically. We started a Pinterest board which she and I can add to with projects that we want to do. Pinterest can sometimes be overwhelming and you pin and pin but never actually do them, so Kaitlin and I decided to change that and get together and actually do them. The best part about our board is that we can both add to it! So get your list of friends together and create a board of those DIY things you want to do and get DIY’ing!

Below is a list of the DIY projects that have been completed (click the link for photos and directions). Hope that you get inspired to get together with someone (or do on your own) and do those projects you always wanted to do!

Want to see some of the DIY projects I’ve got lined up? Check them out here and here!

Etched Bottles

Chalkboard Mason Jars


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